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Engine & Vehicle Diagnostic

Engine Diagnostics

Euro Clutch & Gearbox Centre uses state of the art diagnostic equipment and technology to correctly identify faults in your vehicle ECU. We run diagnostics all kinds of vehicles such as cars, vans, buses, trucks, tractors, and trailers.


Using diagnostics, we can identify problems in your vehicle's transmission, oil tank, gas tank, exhaust system, and other component s of your car. Car diagnostics is also used fro find electrical and computer fault such as the computer processors, microchips, and sensors. All modern cars are fitted with computers that talk to the Engine Control Unit (ECU) that controls all the major functions of your car. A dashboard warning light usually appears if any of these components need repairing. However, the warning light only tells us that there is a problem and it does not tell us exactly what that problem is. The diagnostics tools will pinpoint the exact location of the fault which means our mechanics can spend less time searching for the problem and get your car back on the road safely as quickly as possible.

Issues that can be identified using diagnostics include:

Issues that can be identified using diagnostics include:

  • Charging Systems

  • Alternators

  • Batteries

  • Power Windows

  • Power Seats

  • Central Locking

  • Headlights

  • Indicators

  • Wing Mirrors

  • Taillights

  • Trailer Lights

  • Internal Lights

  • Airbags

  • ABS System

  • Engine Management

  • ECU

  • Fuel Consumption

At Euro Clutch, we offer quick and efficient services Our diagnostics technology allows us to quickly identify common and complex. We will prepare a plan to make sure your electrical system repairs are managed correctly ensuring monomial problems in the future. We are one of the most effective electrical system diagnostic and repair providers in Dublin and we quarantine professional, high standards of work alongside open and honest customer service.

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Diagnostics – FAQs

  • What should I do if a warning light appears on my dashboard?

    If a warning light has appeared on your dashboard then it means something is not working in your ECU, electrical or mechanical system. You should ring your car to your mechanic for assessment and repair as soon as possible to ensure your safe is fixed and safe to drive on eh road again.

  • How can I find out what a dashboard warning light means?

    The easiest way to find out what a warning light means is to consult your owner's manual. All new vehicles are sold with a manual. If your do not have an owner's manual or cannot find it then you can always search online for the meaning of the symbol or bring it to your mechanic where we will run a diagnostics check.

  • How much does a car diagnostic check cost?

    At Euro Clutch, we offer different levels of diagnostic checks. We can run a full diagnostics check or simply check for the part that is of concern. As such, there are different prices for this service. Contact our team directly for a free quote.